About Us

Celtic Chords is a ladies only barbershop chorus.

Our singing is arranged in 4-part harmony in the Acappella or Barbershop style of choral singing.

Vocal Coaching by our musical director and external coaches creates the special sound and members need to be able to hold a tune and learn their part by heart.

We learn our songs mainly with our ears by listening to “teach tracks”,  but also use printed music in our practice sessions.

We sing a range of songs from the 20’s through to the present day, covering all genres.

The more up beat tunes include some simple and fun choreography. Expressing the feeling of the song through movement is a key part of Barbershop. 

We perform at a variety of venues from weddings to competitions, from garden parties to the Eden Project.

Thinking you might like to join us? We would love to have you! Visit our Join Celtic Chords page to find out more.

What is Acappella/Barbershop?

This is singing in 4-part harmony, which is always unaccompanied. The 4 parts are:

  • Lead (melody)
  • Tenor (the high sopranos)
  • Baritone (the interesting bits)
  • Bass (for the ladies with very low vocal range)

This makes a unique sound.

Upcoming Performances

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